Online lottery

The lottery has become a very popular way of gambling and for that reason it has already made its way onto the internet.

Online lottery games can be found amongst the vast range of games available at Scratch2Cash.


Online lottery games require you to simply match the same numbers that are displayed to the ones you’ve chosen, just like in the offline lottery world.

Most of the lottery games, have different ways of winning and you don’t have to match every single number in order to win prizes.

Lottery pages

Check out the “History“ page where you will find information about how lottery games began and interesting facts about how lottery made its way onto the internet.
The “Lottery Statistics” page provides you with interesting information dates, winners etc.
There’s also the “Lottery Tickets” page, where you can find the largest variety of lottery tickets ever launched (from traditional to scratch card lottery) and finally there’s the “Lottery results” page where you can find out the results of every lottery around the world (including the national lottery) and the prizes given to the winners.

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