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By: Edward Alexander

Scratch2Cash is the latest, most advanced website for online scratch cards, slots and instant games. Play for free today.

Enjoy a huge range of new instant games and all the classic games you enjoy. Instant wins are yours to score at the click of a mouse. There is no better way to win cash instantly, while enjoying yourself from the comfort of your very own home.

Our instant games will keep you endlessly entertained and when you start winning, it gets even more exciting! From bingo, to lottery to fantastic slots – your choice is never ending.

Join the action and discover the amazing rewards and benefits you can enjoy when you play with Scratch2cash!

Scratch2Cash games

The best online scratch cards at your fingertips

Why are online scratch cards so popular? Simply because they are so easy to play and the rewards are huge! Scratch cards require no previous knowledge or experience. By scratching the card and revealing the matching symbols, you can instantly win thousands! It’s the best way to unwind after a long day.

Scratch2cash offers over 70 exciting online scratch cards. Depending on your mood or your interests, you can choose from various themes, including sport, fantasy, casino and slots.
Scratch your way to glory!

Bringing the fun of online slots to your home!

Scratch2cash prides itself on providing the best range of winning online slots. You no longer need to go to a casino to find all of your favorite slot machines and with the latest flash technology and amazing graphics, your online slots experience will be even better than the old days!

Choose from the classic slots you know like “Monte Carlo” or “Castle Slot”, or if you are a lover of scratch games, try our scratch slots which provide the benefits of scratch games and slots at the same time!

Our online slots also include multi line slots where you can play up to 9 lines in a single game! Experience the thrill of our slot machines and you will never need to return to casino again!

Try your luck in our online lottery

The lottery is a national pastime and now that online lottery is available through Scratch2cash, you don’t even have to leave your home to become a winner! If your numbers are winners, you can fall into a fortune instantly and you don’t even need any previous experience!

Scratch2cash lottery is not only fun, it’s lucky and if you want the luck to find you, start playing today!

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